Session 13: Global and Long-Term Perspectives in the History of Insurance

Thursday, July 21th 2022, 16:15–18:15 (CEST), Room U1, 195

Zoom-Link NEW: | Meeting ID: 684 0131 3281

Session Chair: Phillip Hellwege

1. Five Thousand Years of Insurance History in Iran

  • Maryam Mohsen Seifabadi, Faculty of Health and Religion, Qom University of Medical Sciences
  • Hossein Mohsen Seifabadi, University of Applied Sciences & Technology

2. The History of Insurance in China: Past, Present and Future

  • Armando José Santana Bugés,Faculty of Law, Universidad de Jaén

3. Valued Risks: Insuring International Exhibitions in the Nineteenth Century

  • Avigail Moss, Art History, University of Southern California

4. Protestantism and Insurance – An Elective Affinity? A Multi-level Comparative-historical Analysis

  • Sebastian Kohl, Freie Universität Berlin