Preliminary Conference Program

List of Accepted Sessions so far

Title of SessionSession Organisers
The Many Meanings of Mutuality in Insurance HistoryPhillip Hellwege
Risky Business: Building an Integrated Insurance Pricing DatabaseSabine Go, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Adrian Leonard and Antonio Iodice
Comparing Risk Management Strategies in the Mediterranean and East Asian Maritime Business (16th-19th centuries)Giovanni Ceccarelli
Developments of Insurance Markets in Emerging European EconomiesMonika Wieczorek-Kosmala and Marijana Ćurak
The Rise of Actuaries in 19th century Europe and in Global PerspectiveChristofer Stadlin and Geoffroy Legentilhomme
Post-demutualisation Insurance: Efficiency or Corporate Profitability?Grietjie Verhoef, Monica Keneley and Antti Talonen
Going Global? Marine Insurance and the Limits of Early Modern GlobalizationMallory Hope, Antonio Iodice and Lewis Wade
Private and Public Insurance and Protection Against Social ContingenciesBernard Harris, Liselotte Eriksson. Lars-Fredrik Andersson and Julia Moses
Beyond the State. Insurance in Habsburg Central Europe from a Global PerspectiveMatyas Erdelyi, Thomas Rohringer and Vojtěch Pojar
Natural Disasters and Risk Management from a Global North-South PerspectiveWelf Werner, Natalie Rauscher and Johannes Bohle
Insurance in non-Western Contexts: Comparing Business Strategies in Different World Regions (19th/20th centuries)Martin Lengwiler and Robin Pearson
The Health Insurance Business: From Marginality to the Fastest Growing Sector in the First Decades of the 21st CenturyJerònia Pons-Pons and Margarita Vilar-Rodríguez
History of Insurance Markets in the Countries of Central and Eastern EuropeJacek Lisowski, Piotr Manikowski and Adam Śliwiński
The Price of Risk in HistoryLeonardo Caruana de Las Cagigas and André Straus