Conference Programme

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Title of SessionSession Organisers

Opening Session



Session 1/2: Comparing Risk Management Strategies in the Mediterranean and East Asian Maritime Business (16th-19th centuries)


Giovanni Ceccarelli


Session 3: Developments of Insurance Markets in Emerging European Economies


Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala and Marijana Ćurak


Session 4: Mutuality and the Rise of Actuaries in 19th century Europe and in Global Perspective


Christofer Stadlin and Geoffroy Legentilhomme


Session 5: The Many Meanings of Mutuality in Insurance History


Phillip Hellwege


Opening Session Day 2



Session 6: Post-demutualisation Insurance: Efficiency or Corporate Profitability?


Grietjie Verhoef, Monica Keneley and Antti Talonen


Session 7: Risky Business: Building an Integrated Insurance Pricing Database


Sabine Go, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Adrian Leonard and Antonio Iodice


Session 8/9: History of Insurance Markets in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe


Jacek Lisowski, Piotr Manikowski and Adam Śliwiński


Session 10: The Health Insurance Business: From Marginality to the Fastest Growing Sector in the First Decades of the 21st Century


Jerònia Pons-Pons and Margarita Vilar-Rodríguez


Session 11: The Price of Risk in History


Leonardo Caruana de Las Cagigas and André Straus


Session 12: Private and Public Insurance and Protection Against Social Contingencies


Bernard Harris, Liselotte Eriksson and Lars-Fredrik Andersson


Session 13: Global and Long-Term Perspectives in the History of Insurance


Phillip Hellwege


Session 14: Histoy of Insurance in Russian Markets


Martin Lengwiler


Session 15/16: Going Global? Marine Insurance and the Limits of Early Modern Globalization


Mallory Hope, Antonio Iodice and Lewis Wade


Session 17: Natural Disasters and Risk Management from a Global North-South Perspective


Welf Werner and Natalie Rauscher 


Session 18: Beyond the State. Insurance in Habsburg Central Europe from a Global Perspective


Matyas Erdelyi, Thomas Rohringer and Vojtěch Pojar


Session 19: Legal Perspectives in the History of Insurance


Phillip Hellwege


Session 20: Insurance in non-Western Contexts: Comparing Business Strategies in Different World Regions (19th/20th centuries)


Martin Lengwiler and Robin Pearson


Closing Session



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