Session 19: Legal Perspectives in the History of Insurance

Friday, July 22th 2022, 12:30–14:30 (CEST), Room U1, 195

Zoom-Link NEW: | Meeting ID: 681 1584 0540

Session Chair: Phillip Hellwege

1. Postcolonial Legal theory Through Swiss Triangular Commercial Legal History. An Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Filippo Contarini, Faculty of Law, University of Lucerne, Switzerland

2. Contracts Without Courts or Clans: How Business Networks Govern Exchange

  • Sadie Blanchard, Faculty of Law, University of Notre Dame

3. An ‘Insurance Broker’ Theory ante-litteram: Merchants, Insurance and bona fides in Benvenuto Stracca from Ancona (1509-1578)

  • Andrea Betto, Faculty of Engeneering, Università Politecnica delle Marche (online)